A Guide To Designing An E-Commerce Website

Applexa Infotech, the most trusted digital marketing company in Chandigarh understands that the website can play a very important role in making sure you get customers interested in your business.

Product Reviews

In order to help users know more about your products, timely and helpful reviews are highly appreciated. These feedbacks will help reduce many further issues. Take it a step further by providing analysis of the product along with additional reviewers details or by summarizing the feedback. The point of views of others will help new shoppers and customers make more informed decisions and take full advantage of the website.

Give Users Priority

It is important to understand that every detail that you put out from product images to contact forms on your website could contribute to making an impressionon a user’s purchase decision. That’s why with every single decision you make about your e-commerce web design, you should keep the customer in mind. When converting guests into customers and turning customers into repeat customers, user experience is paramount.

Photo Quality

One of the biggest problems from the side of the customer when it comes to shopping online is that they will not be able to see the product they want to purchase physically. SO, in order to make the experience for them as desirable and easier as possible, make sure that every image that is a part of your e-commerce website is high quality. Make sure than even the videos you use maintain the same standard.

Being Transparent

You can make your delivery and return policies readily available on your website in addition to using accurate product images and clear pricing information. Adding a link to your key shop policy navigation menu is a quick and easy way for many e-commerce store owners to forget about this important detail. It’s expected to use some convincing words, but don’t go overboard and never try to deceive your guests absolutely.

Navigation Screen

Screen bars make it easy for users to access the website’s pages to find what they want. For optimum convenience, the menu will appear across all pages, preferably at the top of the page. Sometimes on the left side of the page, menu bars are vertical to still match the F format.

Contact Info

If a customer has a question or complaint when visiting your website, they will usually look for a “contact us” link or scroll down to the bottom of your website to find contact information. Make it as easy to find your contact information as possible. For issues so menial as the ones such as your inability to take your customers queries and questions, make sure you provide all information so as to not lose customers.

Web Optimization

Currently, more than 50 percent of all websites are accessed from mobile devices, and this number is only expected to increase as smartphones and tablets advance even further. It is a very important step to ensure that your website can run just as smoothly on mobile devices and are well optimized.

Add Social Media

You may have noticed that most successful e-commerce stores have buttons on their website that connect to their social media. Including social icons in your e-commerce web design allows customers to keep in touch and promotes longer-term relationships between customers and brands.

Applexa Infotech, the best web development company in Chandigarh encourages you to make sure that the experience that you provide to your customer is thought through properly and makes their decision to purchase items easier.

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