Digital Marketing Trends For 2020

Digital Marketing Trends For 2020

Applexa Infotech as the best digital marketing agency in Chandigarh is here to present to you the best Digital Marketing Trends for the upcoming year.

Artificial Intelligence

If you haven’t known it before, 2020 may be the year many people wake up to artificial intelligence (AI) domination. In the coming times, the industry and all businesses are expected to heavily rely on AI which has also resulted in taking up many menial jobs. The behavior of the customers can be analyzed easily in terms of their searching patterns, their usage of social media and articles and blogs and provide guidance to companies to calculate how the customers decide their products or services. Artificial intelligence will soon be the driving force behind many technologies and we are already seeing it being applied in areas such as:

  • Basic Communication
  • User Recommendations
  • Content creation
  • Email personalization
  • E-commerce transactions


In 2020, chatbots will remain an important part of digital marketing. This AI-based technology uses instant messaging to communicate with your clients or visitors to the web in real-time, day or night. Chatbots have become a common preference for customers for the reason that they can respond for any time of the day. Their promptness and patience are also highly appreciated. They also remember everyone’s buying history. They are virtual but provide perfect customer service and live up to all expectations of the consumers and do so in the least amount of time possible so people can use their time accordingly.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of today’s, if not the most critical marketing phenomenon. The rising move to mobile devices is one of the problems that advertisers have faced in recent years. Yesterday’s long-form sales pages and emails are fading rapidly because on small mobile screens they are simply too hard to read. Nevertheless, in a format that works perfectly regardless of the platform, the video will display the same details.

Influencer Marketing

Marketing influencer is a form of word-of-mouth marketing that focuses on using key leaders to extend the brand message to a larger market. Influencers are celebrities that are known well amongst the masses. But for the most part, they are way more popular on platforms such as Instagram or Google. They can easily spread the word about any product on their social media accounts. Influencers are relied upon more by customers than on advertisements.

Content Marketing Continues to Dominate SEO

Google launched some major updates to its search algorithm in November 2019. Content marketing is so critical that 88% of B2B content marketers believe that content helps their audience see their company as a reliable source. Google will continue to prioritize well-researched, regularly updated posts, during 2020 as and it will be seen as an important investment.

Social Commerce & Shoppable Posts

Brands are now using both e-commerce and social media to a very high extent because of their increasing popularity. Social media is an integral part of digital marketing, and valuable for advertisers are visual outlets such as Instagram. Better still, as more customers are willing to buy goods from advertisements they see in their feeds, visual commerce is taking off.

Applexa Infotech, the best digital marketing company in Chandigarh, India pushes every business to incorporate these techniques in their future endeavors.

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