Applexa Infotech, the best web development company in Chandigarh is here to boost the year 2020 for you with the most important web development tips and tricks.

Online Support

The highest priority at any time is to keep in association with the clients. By avoiding the constant 24-hour hassle to keep in contact with each and every client, we now have the availability of programs on PCs that allow us to have discussions and conversations with clients and customers with the help of written content or through a sound and voice-related strategy. This will allow any company to have constant and daily contact with a needy customer every minute of the day. These chatbots have the capability to keep answering customer queries on a regular basis. Slowly, customers become accustomed to this concept of communicating and start to prefer apps and website with a similar provision.

Responsive Web Design

Instead of a nice-to-have, responsive design is becoming a must-have. In 2015, mobile devices were served 35% of website traffic. Then that figure was 43 percent in 2016. Today, in 2017, in lieu of a computer or tablet, 50.3 percent of website traffic happened on a phone. That’s just a 7 percent increase in mobile traffic between 2016 and 2017.Google is trying to encourage and empower business leaders to build websites that instantly load and operate smoothly on mobile devices with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Message pop-up With Websites

Pop-up messages are one of the most amazing assets a versatile application has. The ability to send direct data to a company that provides some value has proved to be extremely popular with everything from shifts in traffic,results, or deals alerts. Also once a client empowers pop-up messages, this form of communication chips away at pages. The advantages are higher commitment without the added cost of making a flexible site replacement application.

Photographic Content

When thinking of web development, a quality photograph is definitely one of the top priorities. This is because a picture that is acceptable will help a customer make decisions rather easily. Just as during the time of print magazines, decent pictures of items attracted more audience similarly now pictures that show singularity and originality are considered to be more worthy and helpful is pushing a product.

Design Elements

Since sites are intended for use on a wide range of screen types and given that only a bunch of working frameworks rule the versatile market, we are seeing specific components of the structure becoming increasingly normal. You have undoubtedly seen the expansion of comparable WordPress topics as well as websites obtaining UI components from iOS and Android (catches, menus, and so on).

API-First Design

The more our environment is linked, the more APIs every application will have. And the growth of IoT links all of our mobile devices, homes, vehicles, gaming systems, wearable tech, and laptops. However, with API-first architecture, developers start with the correct APIs and then “build the application on top of it.” If you want to get things done faster and without front-end developers waiting for every step of the way on back-end developers, a framework with headless content management capabilities–also known as an API-first approach–would be the way forward.

Applexa Infotech, the top website development Company in Chandigarh, hopes we were able to deliver the best ideas for your brand in terms of its web development requirements.

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